Create Your Own Knitting Graph Paper

Customized to your specific gauge and pattern

Why Make Custom Graph Paper?

With custom graph paper you can create patterns using your own exact gauge.

A major grid in inches or millimetres allows you make direct measurements from the page. A minor grid with your gauge in stitches and rows allows you to draw a pattern that exactly matches your gauge without distortion.

Choose from any of the standard paper sizes, including larger formats like Tabloid (11x17) and A3.

You can generate your PDF to print actual size — one inch on the page is one inch on your pattern. Or scale down the size by half so that you can fit more on the page — one inch on the page is two inches on your pattern.

Comments or Questions?

Contact betseydoodle on Ravelry.

Generate Your Own

For accurate scale, do not select "Fit to page" or similar options when printing your PDF.